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Backache ≠ High Heels

One of the main beliefs out in the world is that
high-heels are not good for your health because
they could cause a wide range of pains

As I’ve discussed in my previous post Heels and Bunion
my belief is that it’s not the heels that are causing the pain,
but rather it is the user (us) who is not using them correctly

Let’s take the backache for an example.

My back tends to have aches when I arch my back
while sitting on my chair and standing

Arching back typically happens
when I forget to engage my abs
With relaxed abs,
I have the tendency to tilt my pelvis forward,
causing my tailbone to lift up
as a result my chest comes forward

In order to not fall forward
my body tries to create a balance by
drawing my head back, creating
over exaggerated S-curve on spines

This stress on my back can happen
both while I’m sitting on my chair
and standing on my feet

This stress on my back can happen
both when I have heels or flat shoes

Therefore, the cause of backache cannot be only the heels

I really think heels’ got a bad rep because
there are so many so-called “walking trainer”
who wrongly promotes the idea of
walk the heels in wide steps with confidence and
this is a dangerous misconception

I have nothing against walking with confidence
However, a wide stride is not recommended at all

Our body weight cannot safely be transferred to
the standing leg that’s in the front when the stride is too wide
That means the upper body remains behind with
the back leg, causing the back to arch
As a result, it can put a lot of stress and pressure on lower back
and eventually can cause the back pain

Learning about WHAT the correct way of wearing heels is and WHY
will not only open you to embrace the feminine beauty that heels can bring
but also let you gain the real confidence that grow
when you know you’re making conscious effort to control your body
and maximize the assets in the most harmonious way

Walking is like breathing
We all hope to be able to do them by our own until our death
So why not start paying attention to how we do?

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