Setting Up the Mission

For the past few weeks,
I’ve been meeting with my realtor and
going to see potential real estates for
my new home and studio to teach walking lesson

Naturally, I choose a pair of heels with my sundresses
and every time my (amazing) realtor sees me coming out of her car,
her face lights up and she exclaims
“What a lovely outfit!!!”

At first I thought she was just being nice, but
I started to wonder if it’s possible
there are some kind of effects at the emotional level
that wearing heels can bring joy not only to me
but also to women around me

So I asked her,
“Oh do you like heels? Would you wear them as well?”
“Oh no, heels are for younger ladies like yourself” she said

In this instant, I could feel something deflated in her voice
and I chose not to pursue this conversation further at the moment

Since then I’ve started to wonder
why she thinks she has to give up
the idea of heels because of her age
(my guess is that she’s around 50’s. I’m in late 30’s FYI)

And then I remembered how I used to think about myself

“Heels are nice, but they are such a pain.
I’d try to wear them on a special occasion, but they’re not really for me”

I hid my admiration for heels by making excuses
while deep down in my heart
I wanted to wear them, of course, if I could

After I’ve discovered about Asami-Paris walking lesson and
continued taking weekly 1:1 over the past 8 months,
I’m here to tell you, with right training,
anyone and everyone can wear heels
safely and confidently with grace

Now more than ever,
I can feel in my heart that one of my jobs to do in this life
is to inspire and lead more people to believe
heels can be a part of their life as well

Bring out the truest potential of a person

That’s my new mission

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