“Why Live Life Halfway?”

Hello and thank you for sharing your time here with me today

The title “Why live life halfway” is quoted from a book

How to Be Parisian
Wherever You Are
Love, Style and Bad Habits
Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan
Caroline de Maigret
Sophie Mas

recommended by Emiko, a model, personal chef and author of a book
that introduced me to the wonder world of Parisienne

It was over 10 years ago when I received her book
and quite honestly I couldn’t really resonate with
her lifestyles and values at the young age

For some odd reasons after all these years
I’m taking high-heel walking lessons
having a French coach and
learning about what it really means to
feel and be beautiful inside-out
Her book gave me a new meaning and
it feels like everything is coming into the circle

Anyhow the quote is actually from the section
where it lists what you’d NOT find in a Parisienne’s closet
and the first on the list goes:

“Three-inch heels. Why live life halfway?”

I found it very funny because to most audience
who is NOT French, this one is somewhat confusing
No one would imagine that
3-inch heels are too low to be considered as “heels”

However, the authors clarifies the air later

“Never change your shoes –
even if it means suffering on the Metro
in five-inch heels”

You’d better go all or nothing
and go all the way in terms of
heels height is whooping 5 inches!!

This has been 6 months since I’ve started taking
the high-heel walking classes
and I’ve gotten comfortable wearing 4-inch heels (10cm)

I’m told that I’d be ready for 12cm heels for the next step
which is slightly shorter than 5-inches (12.7cm)

Right now I’m waiting for the opportunity
to go to the shoe boutique and
pick up my new companions in person
I just can’t wait to meet the new height
and see where it’ll take me to

Live full-heartedly

Hope you have a beautiful day

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