The Beauty is in the Details

Hello and thank you for sharing your time here with me today

On Instagram, I’ve shared a short clip from my high-heel lesson

When we think about walking in heels
we often only think about walking “forward”

Not a lot of people pays attention to “how” our leg is moving forward

The Asami-Paris method that I’m currently studying
believes that the beauty is in the details

She finds the opportunity to express beauty and grace
in deliberately lifting the back leg in a very controlled manner

In the video, we’re practicing what that feels and looks in slow-motion

Make sure to keep the knee extended
while the heel lifts from the ground
that allows us to create the beautiful line
as well as to ensure my glutes and psoas are all engaged

Then bend the knee carefully as toes take off the ground

While dissecting the movement that would take
less than a second in real life on 4-inch stiletto is pretty gruesome
I must say it is a very effective exercise to recognize
which muscles are engaged in the particular moments

In addition, I love that now I’m finding
more connection between ballet and high-heel walking

Both of them recognizes the importance of toe-ball-heel motion
when everyone else would just call it a “foot” as collective name
It’s no wonder both practice exudes inner radiance and elegance
through physical movement and just being

Hope you have a beautiful day

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