Hidden Benefits of Heels

Hello and thank you for sharing your time here with me today.

This is the week 8 of working from home for me.

Before the crisis, my work hours were split between 50/50 desk job and being the kitchen.
Now that it’s almost 99% desk job, I feel like I’m back to being in school again,
like sitting all day researching, writing, editing and making presentations on computer etc.

One thing I’ve noticed; however, is that this time, I’m not carrying much pain in my body.

I used to have a bad posture that caused a lot of headaches (literally).

My shoulders were hunched back and my head would stick forward.
I wasn’t aware of how much stress I was putting on my neck and shoulder.

Think about it.

If the weight of our head is about 10% of body weight,
the slightest deviation in the head alignment from the spin can cause
the compounded damage over time.

My shoulders and back always felt so uncomfortable, achy and stiff.
I had shallow breaths because of closed chest space.
Thinking back, it felt like lack of oxygen in my brain sometimes and
perhaps my brain did have less oxygen than let’s say…
now after I’ve learned to breathe slowly and more deeply.

Besides from breathing technique and switching from
drinking copious amount of coffee which dehydrated me to
hot water to keep my blood and muscles staying supple and hydrated,
the biggest change I’ve made this year is that I am wearing heels all day long.

Wearing heels makes it easier for me to keep my knees closed while sitting on the chair.
Partly it’s because heels assist my (short) legs to reach the floor instead of swimming in the air.
Another part is that psychologically it just looks so terrible, especially wearing beautiful heels,
that I can’t bring myself to leaves knees wide apart

Either way, having closed knees while sitting has the health benefit beyond just looking neat
It allows me to keep my pelvis in the correct position,
which in turn allows me to keep my core muscles engaged even when I’m sitting on a chair.

With the strong front and constant practice of rolling back my shoulders by
engaging trapezoid, my head can easily just sit on the correct position.
Even when my head might position slightly forward, especially once I was into something and
lost awareness of my body, my muscles are more responsive than ever before,
letting me know the need for a reset before causing a full-blown headache.

Who knew mastering heels can lead to a pain-free living?

Hope you have a beautiful day

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