Heels as Exsercise

Hello and thank you for sharing your time here with me

Today I’m going to talk about the benefits of wearing heels in everyday life

The method of high-heel walking I’m learning @asamiparisfr
considers wearing heels as a type of exercise

You may laugh but you’ve got to trust me
Within the first 20 min. of my class, I sweat profusely
by just walking up and down about 7-8 feet in my tiny bedroom

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post Engaging
high-heel exercise requires the engagement of core muscles
even when you’re just standing straight

This is the type of work called the isometric training where
muscles are tense and firing up while their length remains static

Without no visible movement, no excessive impact happens on the joints

That is a great news for anyone who is out of shape
to get moving with the body without risking about injuries

The isometric training focuses on increase in stabilization of joints
rather than enlargement of muscles

Once the muscles are trained to able to stabilize
the correct position of pelvis or shoulder blade
you can experience far less pain in your body than
that is often caused by misalignment of our body

Increased stabilization allows the body to increase in mobility as well

Another great thing about high-heel training
is that the isometric nature tones my muscles without making them bulky

I don’t want to lose too much body fat like when I used to do distance running
And I don’t have a desire to have large muscles just to show them up
I prefer to maintain my natural curves while legs and waist line shapes up
High-heel walking exercise delivers just that

And in the end, it is just a walking after all

We all have to stand and walk every single day
Or at least I hope I get to walk on my feet until the day I die

So why not make every step count by choosing heels over flat shoes?
Wearing flats are not particularly safer than wearing heels in a long-term
Lack of using muscles will cause atrophy and
inability to walk will soon be knocking on your shoulders

Like any retention of muscle memories
doing the small thing every day is the key to maintain the strengths
rather than trying to work really really hard once in a while

So all of these reasons combined
Take a step in heels, every single day
I believe that’s one of the keys to healthy living life

Hope you have a beautiful day

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