To Be Graceful

Hello and thank you for sharing your time here with me.

Do you ever wonder what makes certain individuals
appear more graceful than the others?

I’ve been taking the beginner ballet for the past year
and even with my novice eyes
I’ve been able to identify the connection between
ballet and learning to walk in heels recently

Ballet and Heels
Both require great length of core strengths
Both meticulously control each movement
from the position of the head
to the pointing of our toes

If I were to choose one particularly eye-opening experience
however, that would certainly be the fact that
both ballet and walking in heels have taught me
to move with RESISTANCE
as if there is water surrounding me
that I have to push force even though I’m just moving in empty air

Creating resistance to our movement prevents me
from moving my limbs with just a swing

Limiting the momentum allows me to articulate and
stay connected with the muscles that are used in each movement

As a result, I am more conscious about each movement
the way it flows to the way it makes sounds

If you’re not a dancer, then try observe the way you sit on a chair

Do you just prop down from standing to the chair?
Or do you actually bend knees and prepare landing before sitting down on the chair?

How did they make the difference in noise?

If you actually tried it, you would immediately understand what I’m describing above

There is no doubt that becoming aware of our movement is
one of the big keys to find grace in our life

We are all created equally to be as graceful as we choose to be
So why not choose inner beauty and grace?


I hope you have a beautiful day

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